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Last weekend was the Second Life College Fair, held on International Schools Island in Second Life.    Thanks to Rhonda Trueman/SL: Abbey Zenith, Tony Curtis/SL: Stone Semyorka, Chris Smith/SL:Shamblesguru Voom and Beth Kraemer/SL:Alice Burgess, who did a wonderful job of organizing it. This is the second year for the College Fair, and although people under 18 aren’t allowed to access SL, there are still a lot of people interested in taking courses.

We set up our exhibit on the main island.  Laura Seeger/SL:Tasie Allen from Continuing Education did most of the work on the display, and I think it turned out pretty well.  There’s a lot of information there, and it’s colourful and easily accessible.  I’ve put up an online beacon there, so if you have questions, I can meet with you if I’m online.


In this picture you can see Ellie, chained to a fence and demanding the vote (she’s such a showboat).  Tasie is in the background, and they’re both talking to a very nice young pilgrim from another university.  He said liked our freebies, although he didn’t actually wear the free suffragist hat. He tried on the OSU t-shirt, though.  Pilgims are very polite.

The exhibits will be up for another two weeks.  If you want to know more about Continuing Education at Ohio State, if you’d like to take a Women’s Studies class, or if you’re just interested in chaining yourself to a fence, please drop by.

SLurl to Ohio State’s booth at the College Fair.


  1. Claudia Linden

    Hi, Ellie. I visited the booth yesterday. Sorry I missed you there live. Great to see what Women’s Studies is doing.

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