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Virtual Praxis.2

Virtual Praxis.2 A conference on women's international community in Second Life

We’re getting ready for the second Virtual Praxis conference on November 21.  It’s unbelievable that a whole year has gone by since the first one, and we’re all a bit frantic about the approaching date. Ellie is going into visitor mode;  I keep telling her that dust doesn’t collect on prims, but she keeps on cleaning and rearranging things.

This time the papers will be spread out over two days, and on Saturday morning we will have an orientation reception for new residents.  We’re even planning a treasure hunt.

If you’d like to pitch in, we need volunteers to help with orientation, and a few people who could go along on the guided field trips.  Contact Ellie Brewster in-world if you have some extra time to help out.

The conference program is here:

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