Online education and the metaverse

Second Life

Virtual Praxis, Nov 21 & 22

It was excellent.  Truly excellent.  The speakers’ notes are linked below.  The art exhibit will be on Minerva Beach until December 15, and the orientation area is usually open to the public.  Just follow the blue arrows.  To get to the conference site, open the SL client and click this link:

Sheila Yoshikawa speaks on Information Literacy week in SL

Uthango Social Investments, Capetown South Africa
Dorette Steenkamp (Alanagh Recreant), Uthango Social Investments

Four Bridges Project
Amy Cross, University of Maine Peace Studies (millay Freschi)
Founder Four Bridges Project, Virtual World Coordinator – Amnesty International

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence
Ledoof Constantineau

Women with Disabilities
Jennifer Cole (JennyLin Arashi), GimpGirl
Katherine Mancuso (Muse Carmona),  GimpGirl

Transitions — A Place for Dreams (Panel Discussion)
Panelists Buffy Bye (Buffy Beale), Joyce Bettencourt (Rhiannon Chatnoir),
Evonne Heyning (In Kenzo), Jessica Dally (Kali Idziak) and Sandra Andrews (Ozma Malibu)

The Power of Place: virtual habitat builds that engage people to appreciate,
understand and conserve natural habitats

Linda Kelley (Delia Lake)

Organizing Information Literacy Week in Second Life
Sheila Webber  (Sheila Yoshikawa)
Sheffield University, U.K.

Second Life and Cyborg Feminism

Mark McDayter (Ephraim Dalglish) and  Elan Paulson (Annelu Alsop)
The University of Western Ontario

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  1. Thank you for a WELL organised event that demonstrated the value of virtual worlds for collaboration SO clearly.

    I was honoured to be part of it, and enjoyed the company of all. It was an incredible learning experience.

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