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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Inventory-based teaching in SL

Last week I gave a workshop on inventory-based teaching in Second Life for participants in the SLMOOC 14, Teaching and Learning in Virtual Environments. ¬†The basic point of the presentation was that educators are capable of creating many different learning activities¬†using the very simplest of Second Life tools. Anyone can learn to do this, even those who have never rezzed a prim. For me, inventory-based teaching means using things you can quickly drag out of your inventory and erase when you’re done with them — sort of like a 3D blackboard.

We conducted the workshop in the sandbox platform on Minerva, and I also gave links for a tour of the island, which is chock-full of stuff right now, as we’ve just finished reviewing for finals. Before I take it all back into inventory, however, I thought I would leave it out for a while and get feedback from my fellow teachers.


If you’re interested in having a look around, go to the Minerva OSU landing point and click on the blue sign. That will give you the notecard I used for the workshop, and it has directions to the classroom, as well as links to skybox learning activities (these are fairly complex installations, and not what I would call “inventory-based teaching”). I’m going to leave all my stuff up for the month of May. If you do go, and you have feedback for me, I’d really appreciate it, either on this blog or by e-mail (elliebrewster-at-gmail).

If you’ve never used Second Life before, here are a few tips on getting started:



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