Exploring the virtual classroom

Online education and the metaverse

Minerva Archives

 Under construction, Aug 2016

This page contains the archives for Minerva, the teaching space in Second Life maintained through support from The Ohio State University, The Ohio Learning Network , and The American Association of University Women from 2006 – 2014. As far as I know, Minerva provided the only post-secondary instruction in Second Life for women’s and gender studies during that time.  Minerva was also a site of collaboration with other universities, and provided a gathering place for Second Life avatars interested in women’s issues.


The Bread and Roses Virtual Exhibit


The Panopticon Virtual Exhibit









Virtual Praxis II


AAUW Virtual Community Project (2008-2010)

Hosted on Minerva, The Ohio State University’s research and study space, The American Association of University Women’s Community Project presented a series of lectures, readings, workshops, and concerts in Second Life, designed to foster community, activism, personal creativity, and a spirit of inquiry, with the goal of encouraging women and girls to explore new frontiers in technology. The Virtual Praxis conferences were a high point of the project.

Virtual Praxis


Classroom examples


Experimenting with teaching in the virtual classroom





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