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DOCC Discussion Group

The discussion group for the Distributed Open Collaborative Course meets Sundays at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, 7pm GMT.  More information about the group is here.

The group is open to everyone, but the area we’ll be using is private, so you’ll need to belong to the group “Minerva Guests.” Request membership in the group (free) in Second LIfe by sending an IM to Ellie Brewster, or e-mail elliebrewster (at) gmail.com. (Sometimes I get a lot of e-mail; if I’ve overlooked you, don’t be shy to remind me!)

To join Second Life, use the information on this page.

We will be using voice and text chat in our discussions.  To participate fully in the discussion group, you should use a headset (headphones and microphone). However, transcription will be provided for those who are not able to hear the discussion.


To contact me in Second Life, use the search tab, on the left-hand side of your screen. Search for Ellie Brewster, find my profile, and choose “IM.”!!!sidebar To visit our island, simply type MINERVA OSU into the address bar at the top of your Second Life Screen.  You will arrive at our landing point.landing site_001


If you have contacted me by e-mail, you’ll find an invitation at the top right of your Second Life screen:!!!messages
Once you’ve joined the group, you must activate it to gain admission to the discussion area. To do this, right click on the people tab at the bottom of your screen:!!!people menu
The people tab keeps track of all your friends and groups in Second Life. Click on the groups tab, then choose the little wheel near the top of the screen to activate the group “Minerva Guests.”

More on how to activate a group is here!!!activate group

If you are standing at the landing point, turn around and you will see our meeting place. It’s a simple green hill with a set of wooden steps leading up to the top. It will be open to the public, except during the time our group is meeting. There’s also a slideshow to help newcomers learn about Second Life.  Use the arrow keys or the movement controls to walk to the group, or you can just fly over there by pressing the E and C or up and down arrow keys. If you see red lines and a “no admittance” sign on Sunday, this means you have not activated the group.landing site_002 Send me an IM, and I’ll come over and straighten things out.

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