Online education and the metaverse

Virtual world sites for feminist teaching and research

Virtual world spaces for feminist teaching and research

To access these sites you must sign up for a free membership in the virtual world, and use a special viewer.  The Second Life viewer is available here, with a link to their signup page.  The many virtual worlds in Open Sim are listed here; use the links to find their signup pages.  To access these worlds, use the Imprudence (Kokua) viewer or the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.

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Ride the magic carpet to a museum in the mountains


This interactive site is a showpiece museum in Second Life, rich in cultural and historical information about the people of Afghanistan.  
(skybox: wait one minute for the museum to appear)


Tree of hope

The ACS has a beautiful island in Second LIfe, staffed by volunteers who help direct visitors to health resources and in-world survivor support groups.


The Ada Lovelace Library, modeled on University Hall at The Ohio State University

The Ada Lovelace Library on Minerva, modeled on University Hall at The Ohio State University

Closed. The Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University maintains Minerva, which is open to the public, although teaching areas may sometimes be closed. Student work is showcased in various areas of the island, and the open-air auditorium hosts the events of the American Association of University Women’s Virtual Community Project.

Contact in Second Life: Ellie Brewster


Testis tour ride, starting point.

One car takes you to the ovary, the other takes you to the testis

 This site is used by the Ohio State Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to train medical students through observation of giant anatomical models, as well as through roleplay with “robot” avatars scripted to play the role of patients.

Open to the public.

Contact in Second Life: drdoug Pennell


There are many useful exhibits on this island

The Path of Support features over 100 of the many active health peer support groups in Second Life. It’s a way to show the wide variety of support groups available to residents. This is not a complete list nor a recommendation for or against a particular group. HealthInfo island is a project of Virtual Ability.

Contact in Second Life: Ginny Amoufhaz


Turn and walk up the hill

The Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand, funded this replication of a working clinic to provide a virtual classroom for the training of midwives. A Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike copy of the SLENZ Midwifery studies Build is available at the central landing point.

Video tour of the SLENZ Midwifery build:

On the web:

Contact in Second Life: Isa Goodman


Virtual Ability has an excellent welcome centre

Virtual Ability has one of the best orientation sites in Second Life, designed for people with disabilities.  It is one of the most vibrant community centres in Second Life.

Extensive web presence:

Contact in Second Life: Gentle Heron


Just down the street from the Cotton Club

Moved to Open Sim

Dr. Bryan Carter of the University of Central Missouri founded this site and its sister project, Virtual Montmartre, to showcase the experience of African Americans in the age of the Harlem Renaissance. Students can dance at the Cotton Club or take a streetcar tour of the project. This is a large and intensively built site; visitors should expect to wait a minute or so for all objects to come into focus.

Contact in Second Life: Bryan Mnemonic


The Moulin Rouge

Moved to Open Sim A vibrant artist’s community is growing in Virtual Montmartre. Ride a trolley to the Moulin Rouge, visit an art gallery, listen to  Josephine Baker

Contact in Second Life: Bryan Mnemonic


Moody, atmospheric sim

Poetic license allows the fortress of Dunsinane an ocean view

Created by Angela Thomas of the University of Tasmania, this sim is a recreation of Shakespeare’s fortress of Dunsinane on a full island in Second Life. The site is open to the public, and there is a great deal to be explored here. Touching some objects allows students to receive notecards with reading questions that help them put the play in context. This site should be seen with the lighting set to midnight. In the top menu, click >>world >>sun >>midnight

Contact in Second Life: Anya Ixchel


Virtual Native Lands - natural sim

A very restful place to visit

Closed This group of islands in Second Life showcases the art and culture of Native North Americans. This site is beautifully landscaped, and very informative.VNL has moved to another world. Update coming soon.Contact in Second Life: Nany Kayo


Welcome area

Information kiosk, welcome area

Cleveland State University hosts this faculty/student collaboration on the art and culture of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.

Contact in Second Life: Tamsin Barzane

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